Poseidon 17 Expedition Double hall
Length: 17'
Width: 59cm/23'
'Depth: 30cm/12''
Weight: 29kg/ 64lbs
Cockpit: 87.44cm/34''x17"
Max Cap. : 150kg/ 331lbs
List Price: $1,699.00

 The poseidon 17 Expedition  is made  for the paddler who wants stability and performance, The Double  layer hall offers superior strength and durability 

 The Poseidon Expedition is equipped with 3  waterproof hatches 

Bow, Stern and Deck hatch with twist lock cover and waterproof inner bag

Adjustable deluxe footrest steering system

Comfortable  seat seat with soft cushion & adjustable backrest

316 wire rudder system

Moulded-in knee brace

Elastic cord*Handles